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General information
Name: The Troll Slayer!
Location: Basildon Essex UK
Occupation: school, Browsing The Internet
Hobbies: Sports, Browsing the Internet And Slaying Trolls.
Date registered 12.22.2009
Date of birth: 20. January 1994
Last online: 12.15.2018
Sex: male

Welcome to my Paleo Insanity Homepage! I am Spinosaur King, The Troll Slayer.

Im a nice guy but i do not tollerate trolls so any trolling will be dealt with and the troll banned.
As a former regular user of TDF and head of the old council, i have seen my fair share of trolls and i have been forced to come here in search of peace.
Im mad about prehistory.
Im not a very regular user anymore but i will visit whenever i can.

I will Continue to Edit this page over the following weeks and months so be sure to look out for updates!

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Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:46 pmThe Story of Topix: A summary

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Why thanks Gianmario XD.

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Giganotosaurus FanGiganotosaurus Fan was a troll who attempted to rule the Dinosaur forum, and frame many users.He had horrible grammar and spelling, and liked to spam the forum with verry annoying and rude comments and insults.He apparently lives in Basildon, although his exact IP location has never been confirmed.BiographyGiganotosaurus Fan first arrived on topix in mid-october 2009. He started of as a simple Giganotosaurus Fanboy to cleverly hide his true intention of destroying the forum.By ...
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GrovyleBiographyGrovyle was a troll who arrived during the reign of Ethan Dino. He started spamming threads and pretending he was a Dinosaur, aswell as horrible grammar and punctuation. He was almost immediately found out to be a clone of Ethan Dino, whom was the dominant troll at the time. In fact, there was a ton of Ethan Dino's clones. Grovyle was second in command of the Ethan Dino clones. The Ethan Dino clones all communicated with eachother and claimed that they were different people. Howe...
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"New" SakibBiography"New" Sakib is a troll that came to Topix fairly recently; In between middle and late 2010. He is the same person as the older contributer user, Sakib, who arrived in 2007(Exact date unconfirmed)and freshened threads with On-Topic talk. Even though he was silly at times, he was very smart and a contributer user. He left in late 2008, returning only about once every one or two months. He finally returned for a little while, in between middle and late 2010. However, the change ...
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Carcharodontosaurus 101Carcharodontosaurus 101 was a very dangerous troll who once inhabited the Topix Dinosaur Forum.He established himself as one of the deadliest trolls ever on Topix.BiographyCarcharodontosaurus arrived on Topix around February 2010 (the exact date is unknown).He imediatly began polluting threads and attempted to chase of many users.His location matched that of Ohyeah Spinosaurus, leading many users to believe that he was ohyeah in disguise.C.101 began impersonating Ohyeah an...
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000Briographyooo was a Troll who came to Topix in 2008. He was fairly known for acting superior, and unsulting users by calling them "Pathetic" or saying that he was "Unstoppable". He got in a 1 vs. 10 flame war with the users wilferrel, Paratr000, Dino Freak USA, DFU's sister, and so on. Even his fellow trolls wanted him gone, and joined the users to defeat him. He came winning in the battle, but soon realized he was being ignored. In order to keep himself from being humiliated that he was star...
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Satans Troll 100Satans Troll 100 is a troll who invaded Prehistopia and Topix.Most people do not know that this troll even exists.He is a fairly strong troll who is known for his random, trollish comments on topix, and his invasion of Prehistopia.BiographySatans troll 100 arrived on topix in late March 2010.He posted random, insultive comments on many threads, and seeked attention, making him a very average troll.His location matches that of another user, Spinoraptor, which has lead many to beli...
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Pincus ShainPincus Shain was one of topix's most mysterious trolls.Well-known for his favorite, annoying comment "bluff much?", Pincus was perhaps the most persistent, and dangerous troll ever on topix.His true intentions and motivations for his trolling remain un-known to this day.BiographyPincus Shain first arrived on topix in November 2009, at the time when Giganotosaurus fan was running rampant. Pincus imediatly began competing with Giga Fan.He trolled the forum with racist insults againt et...

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